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Lady and the Tramp #1 (2013)
46 pages |
45.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Lady and the Tramp Lady and the Tramp comics free comics 2013
One winter evening, Jim Dir gives his wife Darling Puppy American Cocker Spaniel named Lady. Lady is fast becoming a family member, met with the neighborhood dogs, a Scottish terrier Jock and Trusty Bloodhound, and six months later gets his first collar with numbers - dog "identity card". At the other end of town, near the train station, a water
Pocahontas #1 (2013)
48 pages |
52.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Pocahontas Pocahontas comics disney comics free comics 2013
Romantic multistoriya daughter of an Indian chief, a noble girl Pocahontas, lightly lived in harmony with nature. One day she had a frightening dream, signifying the approach of love. Sleep was not slow to come true: from distant Europe to the American coast sailed a big ship with mysterious pale-faced people who were looking for gold in the New
Gladstone Gander Tries His Luck (one-shots) 2013
Gladstone Gander has always been the luckiest duck alive...that is, until Fortuity Luck, a seemingly luckier contender appears from Duck Town. In this survival of the luckiest challenge, who will be the ultimate winner? Will Gladstone Gander finally run out of luck just when Scrooge McDuck's social status is on the line?
Brave (one-shots) 2012
49 pages |
50.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Brave Brave comics free comics 2012 comics disnay pixar
Comics based on the same cartoon of Disney - Pixar ("Brave")
Superduck (1-2 series) 2013
2 Issues pages |
111.2 мegabytes

Keywords: 2013 comics Superduck comics Superduck free comics disnay pixar
Super Duck was a comic book character created in 1943 for what was then MLJ Comics (now Archie Comics) by staff artist Al Fagaly (1909??“1963). His first appearance came in Jolly Jingles #10 (Summer, 1943). As his name implied, Super Duck (nicknamed "Supe") was a parody of Superman, even down to a red and blue costume. He got his powers from a
Tron - Betrayal (2012)
114 pages |
155.1 мegabytes

Keywords: disnay pixar Tron - Betrayal Tron comics free comics 2012 comics
Sam Flynn, the tech savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn, looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin's assistant, father and son embark on a journey of life to the destructive view cyber universe that
Walt Disney Giant comics (1952 - 2008)
17 Issues pages |
704.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Walt Disney Giant comics Walt Disney comics free comics disney comics
Thick issues comic adventures of Disney characters.
Cars #2 (2013)
58 pages |
95.32 мegabytes

Keywords: Cars Cars comics 2013 comics disney comics free comics
Comics on the cartoon "Cars."

Cars #2 (2013)

Publisher: Disney
Ultraheroes (1-5 series) 2008
6 Issues pages |
126.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Ultraheroes Ultraheroes comics disney comics free comics 2008 comics
The entire mini-series - fantasy of Disney super-heroes. It turned out very smartly and sometimes really killer. Enjoy
Wizards of Mickey II - The Dark Age (1-4 series) 2007
Mickey Mouse - is a legendary character who was created in the studio of the last century's greatest animator Walt Disney, was born more than 80 years ago. Mickey Mouse became a household hero who brought international fame to Disney and his studio. In fact, it began with the genre of animation in the early twentieth century. Flowering shorts
Walt Disney Cristmas comics (1-19 series) 1949-2008
Christmas and New Year adventures of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse and many others.
Cars (0-7 series) Complete
8 comics pages |
118.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Cars Cars comics boom disnay pixar Cars disnay Troy Peteri Deron Bennett
Lightning McQueen organizes a rally race on the dirt roads around Radiator Springs to raise money for his favorite charity. Along with McQueen??™s friends, comes some rivals--both old and new--who want Lightning to eat their dust!
At the home of the wood-carver Geppetto, a miracle happens! The Blue Fairy brings Geppetto's favorite puppet, Pinocchio, to life! She tells Pinocchio that if he wants to become a real child, he has to behave and listen to his conscience, Jiminy Cricket! But Pinocchio falls into the hands of ruthless characters who take him to the terrible


Publisher: Disney
The Lion King #1 (2012)
48 pages |
82.4 мegabytes

Keywords: The Lion King The Lion King comics 2012 comics disney comics
In the wise King Mufasa savanna and his wife Sarabi born heir Simba. Mufasa tells his son about the circle of life and that in the future he will take his place - be king savannah. But Mufasa's brother, Scar, seeks to take the throne. He tells Simba about Elephantiasis Cemetery, thinking that his hyena henchmen kill Simba. Simba goes there with a
The Muppets - The Four Seasons #3 (2012)
The biggest Muppet fan Walter and his brother Gary Woman Mary come to Los Angeles to visit the Muppet theater. But the theater is in danger: Tex Richman is going to destroy the building for the oil field, located beneath. And friends help revive Kermit Frog Muppet Show, in order to return the theater to be earned 10 million dollars. Not an easy
Up #1 (2013)
50 pages |
47.77 мegabytes

Keywords: Up Up comics 2013 comics disnay pixar
Carl Fredericksen once wanted to be just like his childhood idol, the great explorer Charles Muntz. Now, a lifetime later, Charles is sad and alone, missing his beloved wife...and waiting for the end. But little does he know the adventure has just begun! To escape a life in a retirement home, Carl rigs his house into a makeshift hot-air balloon

Up #1 (2013)

Publisher: Disney

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