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Boom comics

We are glad to present to all visitors of the new category of comics series, that is Boom comics. Actually, the real fans are well acquainted with these stories but, nevertheless, we will be happy to tell our readers few words about their characters. Boom studio publishes full-color fiction and fantasy comics popular in all parts of the world. Boom cooperates with popular television corporation 20th Century Fox in shooting its most outstanding publications. Zombie Tales, The Unknown, Defenders of Ultramar, Blood and Thunder, Hellraiser, The Muppet Show and others are in the list of significant Boom comics series. Moreover, in 2009 Boom studio presented a special line for kids audience. Comic books featuring our favorite Disney heroes receive a fascinating success and prove the growing popularity of Boom work.
Boom studio repeatedly won the most prestigious international awards as the best publisher oriented both for adult and younger audience. Visit our site and obtain a great chance to download the best from the Boom comics series right away for free. Enjoy developing story ideas and not ordinary situations together with your favorite characters.