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Harbinger #00 (2013)
34 pages |
47.84 мegabytes

Keywords: Harbinger Valiant 2013
Toyo Harada, CEO of Harada Global Conglomerates and the most powerful psionic the world has ever known, has a vision for the perfect future. It's a vision he will realize whether we like it or not. In order to achieve it, he's built a private army of super-powered psiots. But who was Harada before he became the world's most powerful man? And what
Shadowman #04 (2013)
32 pages |
42.82 мegabytes

Keywords: Shadowman Valiant 2013
Harbinger #8
35 pages |
47.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Harbinger Harbinger comics new Harbinger Harbinger 8 comics 2013
Teenager Peter Stanchek unemployed homeless, and ... One day he comes Toyo Harada and invited to join the project "Harbinger", which recruits people with extraordinary potential to change the course of human history. Toyo Harada rich business tycoon, a respected philanthropist and a harbinger of the most powerful - or so he thought?
X-O Manowar #9
37 pages |
48.7 мegabytes

Keywords: X-O Manowar X-O Manowar 2013 comics
Iron Man and XO Manowar must work together to stop the super-villains and protect the lost fragments of the Cosmic Cube. During the game also reveals that the aliens who Aric stole his XO Manowar suit, going to get it back. Two superhero go through a few well-known fans of the comics levels to stop the terrorists and supervillains and save the
Bloodshot #07 (2013)
36 pages |
48.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Bloodshot Valiant 2013
Archer And Armstrong #06 (2013)
37 pages |
48.78 мegabytes

Keywords: Archer And Armstrong Valiant 2013
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