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Red Moon #1 - HC
169 pages | 2014 year
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Keywords: Red Moon Moon HC Dark Horse Comics Dark Horse
Missile to the Moon
48 pages | 2009 year
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Keywords: Missile Moon Bluewater Productions
Star Wars - Poison Moon
Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were investigating a distress signal emanating from a crashed Consular-class space cruiser and found the crew dead. They investigate the ship before finding a woman, Alysun Celz hiding. She tries to shoot them but is disarmed. She tells them she is the pilot and they were transporting a Dark Jedi,
Blue Moon (Volume 1-5)
50 comics pages |
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Keywords: Blue Moon Blue Moon free comics 1992 1993
Hannah threw her letter of resignation at her boss, who called her "below average." Still full of hurt, she visits the Blue Moon Inn, where the inn owner suggests she take a walk in the garden. That night was the night of the blue moon??”the second full moon of the month. Under the magical moonlight reflected on the derelict stone-walled church, a